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Our Elements necklaces make the dreamiest personalised gift for star-gazing mamas, sisters, daughters and friends. Read on to discover the who's who of Elements…

The Elements Necklaces are a capsule collection of timeless classics featuring four beautifully detailed art coins and four exquisite, triangular-cut gemstone pendants.
Everyday amulets symbolising one of four elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Model wearing Earth Element necklaces

Elements Necklaces: EARTH... She is grounded, loyal, practical and has a knack for accumulating wealth. She appreciates the finer things in life, such as good food and wine. She is a sensual creature... a nurturer.

Model wearing Water Elements Jewellery and lifestyle shot of water elements necklaces

Elements Necklaces: WATER... She is emotional, highly intuitive and deep. She feels everything, seeks out adventure and is highly imaginative. She is loyal and compassionate.

Close up shot of model wearing fire elements jewellery and lifestyle shot of Fire Elements Necklaces

Elements Necklaces: FIRE... She is passionate, bold, a rebel. She is creative, charming and confident. She can obtain fame and fortune through her well-channelled, signature intensity.

Image of model wearing Air Element Necklacles and Jewellery

Elements Necklaces: AIR... She is a thinker and sharp as a tack. She has the most wonderful social and communication skills. She is witty, and a free spirit.

The Elements Necklaces capsule collection was designed by Rachel Jackson as the ultimate, highly personal gift to oneself or another, an everyday treasure. The art coin pendant hangs from a luxe, adjustable-length box chain and is layered perfectly with the triangular cut gemstone necklaces.

This art coin can be engraved to express something secretly special; personal initials, loved one's, children's or the whole family's initials, a meaningful word, acronym, date and / or place.

“Life is all elements combined, the freedom of air, stability of earth, heat of fire and calmness of water. A rich life is embracing the unique element in us all" 

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