Seek Your Treasure


Our new collection for Summer '23, Ride or Die, is definitely our most fun collection to date... It's bursting with colour, joy, happiness and 90s nostalgia! Here's a few Ride or Die Favourites that Rachel just can't get enough of…

Ride or Die Favourites: Star Bomb Chubby Hoop Earrings

"These chunky funky star-bomb babies haven't left my ears for weeks... I'm loving wearing two pairs in one ear for a star-studded statement look."

Ride or Die Favourites: Mini Happy Face necklace

"She's small but BURSTING with good vibes... I love the twinkling eyes on our mini happy face necklace and it looks so good layered with our rainbow beads!"

Ride or Die Favourites: Happy Face Pinky Signet Ring

"It's impossible not to smile when I catch a glimpse of these happy face pinky rings while tapping away on my laptop every day... the ultimate mood booster."

Ride or Die Favourites: Rainbow Happy Face Spinning Necklace

"The happy face spinner is our hero piece from this collection and I LOVE it... flip it to the winky face side when you're feeling a lil cheeky!"

"The contrast of the boyish curb chain and dainty pearls on our bon-bon bracelet makes it so easy to wear. Bold enough to wear solo, but looks equally striking when stacked."

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