Seek Your Treasure



Allow us to take you on an adventure through symbolic jewellery designed to capture life’s beautiful moments.




“I make jewellery to make people feel-good, to take them on a personal journey, to treasure moments in time and inspire adventure, because it’s the connections we make, with people, with places, with nature, art, music, literature… whatever it might be, that move us, shape us, enrich our lives”Rachel


From humble beginnings on a market stall in Spitalfields, East London, Rachel Jackson is now sold in 70+ stores globally.From a background in music and fused with a Scandinavian heritage; contemporary design riffs off almost lyrically personalised treasures. It’s no coincidence Rachel is a favourite amongst the music crowd. Classic designs with an edge for modern women seeking jewellery with meaning.




“A friend is a treasure, more precious than gold.

For love shared is priceless, and never grows old.”





The team at RJ know we are part of something much bigger and we have a heartfelt desire to drive change, for both people and the planet.We know we have a lot to do, we are by no means perfect, but we are committed to this journey. Here are some of the actions we’ve taken so far


  • We are transitioning to using both Fairmined and recycled gold and silver
  • We’ve made the conscious decision to change from mined diamonds to lab-grown, cultured diamonds. Cultured diamonds are kind to humans - conflict free, no child labour, and there is no exposure to harmful substances found in mines.Two of our three jewellery workshops are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council and we have signed Supplier Agreements which include Ethical Trading, Environmental Protection, Material compliance and Traceability requirements.All of our gift boxes and outer-packaging are 100% sustainably sourced, plastic free and 100% recyclable.. We also offer an upcycling Service; If you have unwanted hallmarked sterling silver and solid gold jewellery (from any brand) we’ll recycle it for you. For 1-2 pieces, you’ll receive a £15 Rachel Jackson voucher. Explore the details here.



We believe in treasuring every day.

Because treasure is hidden

In every moment.
The joy of life is finding it.

At Rachel Jackson we treasure every day
That means seizing the moment and living our best lives
We celebrate what has gone
We are present in the now
And we are gracious of what is to come

Capturing these precious moments in wearable time-capsules
Iconic, contemporary and evocative
Symbols designed to be worn everyday
Portable and talismanic
Empowering us into the future

To treasure something is to protect and to cherish
Imprinted memories that are meaningful and infinite
Locked within amulets that contain pieces of our past
Reminding us of who we were
Who we really are
Untold and uncovered

But real treasure is discovered in adventure
Through the extraordinary, the untread and the authentic
Collected along the way as precious reminders
Mnemonic keys to buried gold



We also offer a re-plating service so that you can give your gold jewellery a new lease of life, any time you think you need it. For more information send us an email at




We’re big believers in taking care of what we already own. The base material of our jewellery is either solid silver or gold - both natural precious metals that last forever. Use the pouch that we provide with your jewellery as a cleaning cloth, and follow the instructions on the care card to turn your jewellery into eternal treasure. Modern heirlooms that will continue to tell their story for years to come.


“Kiss a lover, Dance a measure,
Find your name, And buried treasure.
Face your life, it’s pain, it’s pleasure,

Leave no path untaken.”

Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book


It’s important to us that the partners we work with share the same values and priorities that we do, and we’re working closely to encourage open, progressive dialogue and information sharing. We know we can make a difference on our own, but in the words of the great Aristotle ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. We want to share our ideas with other jewellery businesses, even our competitors so that everyone can improve and together we can make a big difference.




Two of our three jewellery workshops are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, and our third workshop is on track to achieve certification in 2022. The RJC Code of Practices is the industry standard covering the entire jewellery supply chain. In addition to RJC Certification, they are also Sedex audited and ISO certified.

The workshops and factories we use for both our jewellery and packaging are further audited by ourselves through annual visits, ensuring that our Sourcing Code of Conduct is agreed and followed. We have signed Supplier Agreements which include Ethical Trading, Environmental Protection, Material compliance and Traceability requirements.